teen boy karate kicking

At Bloomington ATA Family Martial Arts we offer a variety of summer activities with our Martial Arts Summer Program and the Martial Arts Summer Camp. Our facility has been serving our community with Summer fun and healthy activities for many years in Bloomington, IN. Shane Bosstick, the founder of Bloomington ATA Family Martial Arts has […]

PreSchool Karate kid bowing

Pre-School Karate for Kids programs are taught by Martial Arts schools all across the world. Here at Bloomington ATA Family Martial Arts, we implement an industry-leading curriculum designed specifically to aid the growth and development of very young students. Pre-school age kids flourish with exciting new tools that grow their self-confidence and self-esteem while learning […]

teen boy karate kicking

Getting your child involved in physical activity at an early age is important for their growth and development. Karate for Kids classes at Bloomington ATA Family Martial Arts, in Bloomington, IN, are a great way to instill values like integrity, courtesy, and respect in children. Our Karate for Kids programs in the local Bloomington community […]

Adult man in a karate stance

Bloomington ATA Family Martial Arts classes are led by a highly qualified team of instructors under the supervision and guidance of Martial Arts instructor Shane Bosstick. They have designed, incorporated, and tested a top tier Martial Arts training system utilized in class so that one can truly master the techniques of various Martial Arts such […]