Awesome Day

We are so excited that some students had some stories to tell today:

Keira said that there was a kid that was picking on her 2 year old brother at  a play place and she noticed and went and stood between her brother and the bully. Keira started with us because her parents wanted her to have more confidence. Boy she showed some confidence by just standing between her brother and the bully. So proud of her! Not sure if she had not started with us that she would have had enough courage to do that. The bully left the brother alone after that.


Braxton’s dad showed me his report card today. In the 3rd quarter of school Braxton’s reading level has gone up 3 levels! By doing the success portion of our program it has improved his reading level! So proud of you!


I love hearing the successes our students are getting from this program!

Mrs. Bosstick