Midwest District Championship

Midwest District Championship is a tournament of 5 states where the top ten ATA Martial Artists  in each category of events is invited to Chicago,IL June 2nd, 2018 to compete for District Champion. We had several invited to compete. The students who went were: Adriene Shaevitz, Sabrina Bosstick, Kaiden Bosstick, and Mrs. Melissa Bosstick.

The competition is fierce. There could be 50 competitors in each age bracket and rank of Belt. Sabrina Bosstick competed in Forms, Sparring and Weapon. Kaiden Bosstick competed in Combat BME(stick). Mrs. Bosstick competed in Combat BME. Then Adriene Shaevitz competed in Forms, Sparring, Weapon, and Combat. Adriene had several sparring and Combat BME times where she had to get the most points to win.(More than in a regional tournament) Adriene won the Midwest District Championship in Sparring, Weapon, and Combat BME. That means she came in First place in all 3 events! She also did earn 2nd place in Forms.


We are very proud of all the competitors that went to Midwest District Championship and did their best. Eternal Grandmaster H. U. Lee always said,”To compete is to win”.