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Positive thinking is powerful

What has Taekwondo done for me or meant to me.
1. A sense of self confidence more than I thought I could have.
2. An appreciation for those who show respect to others.
3. Courage. Who would have thought that I could set the goal to start ups a new real estate company, leave my company and a successful practice and begin to make this goal a reality. Goals you set are goals you get.
4. Perseverance. After a torn ACL, 3 knee surgeries and rehab, I learned to “never give up”. By persevering in Taekwondo I learned that this same obstacle would not stop me from enjoying life and from having the best sales year ever. Perseverance makes you stronger more self confident and more determined.
5. The power of focus, concentration and quiet time. This has helped me to remain calm in difficult situations.
6. Life is tough but I am tougher!
7. Positive thinking is powerful.