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Legacy Members Certified in CPR

On Saturday, June 23rd, our Legacy members complete American Heart Association CPR training.  They learned Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and the use of an AED.

Members who attended included…Mr. C.S. Bosstick, Mrs. M. Bosstick, Mr. M. Fyffe, Ms. S. Bosstick, Mr. K. Bosstick, Mr. C. Adams, Mr. T. McCarty, Mrs. S. McCarty, Ms. Haley McCarty, Ms. R. Ryan, Ms. N. Gupta, Ms. M. Colson, Ms. Zaidee Brineger, Ms. Trinity Ramage, and Mr. Brody Fipps

Thank you to Air Evac 39 for providing the training.  Ms. Sarah Fipps, Ms. Lori Mayle, and Ms. Leigh Bridwell.

All had a great time and learn a lot.