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Martial Arts Help Keep Kids Safe

Their children’s safety remains for most parents a top level concern and consideration. We live in a perilous world where children are easy prey. Since we can’t be there for our children all the time, it is necessary we teach them everything they need to know about protecting themselves. Studies have indicated that children are at a higher risk from people they know than they are from strangers. Consequently, it is essential to have clear safety guidelines to help your children protect themselves from strangers and known people alike.

Communicate with children

Communication is a very important tool when it comes to the safety of children. Countless incidents have been ignored and missed in the past only because parents did not take the time engage and listen to their children. Children are young, naive, and unaware, which makes them susceptible to being lead astray. They often don’t understand what’s wrong and what’s right. Talk about feelings and events that a child experiences with him or her. There is much security to gained just knowing that you’re always available for them and they can trust you for everything.

Another important aspect of child safety is to not scare your children. Teaching your children to be suspicous about everyone and everything will only make them paranoid. The last thing you want is a scared, timid child with no self-confidence or interpersonal skills. Instead, teach them to differentiate between good and bad. Tell them that not all strangers are bad, not all friends are really good.

Teach them cues and signs that might indicate whether a peer, sibling, or adult is actually trying to harm or help them. Tell your children that it isn’t usually good if someone asks them to do things such as keep secrets or disobey their parents, especially when that person happens to be an adult. Point out safe places and safe people that they can run to in times of danger. Before you point out such places and people, check them out for yourselves first of course. Make sure that you too can trust them with your most valued blessings!

Karate keeps kids safe

Enrolling your children in a year-round, professionally structured activity that builds safety preparedness, awareness, self-defense ability, and self-confidence empowers them to survive and thrive in a competitive, unfriendly world. It also provides a healthy outlet for energy, stress relief, with diverse skill and character building benefits as well. Students and parents also tend to form a karate community, so kids interact with a peer group they can trust and rely on in times of trouble. The discipline involved in learning karate can train your child to be alert and observant at all times. And of course, the blocks, strikes, and kicks he or she learns to execute with power could really come in handy when it really matters!