These ladies came to the mall for the Easter bunny walk and helped encourage kids to come and learn Martial Arts.  Being a kid doesn’t mean that they don’t stand up for them self. Especially when there is some kind of confrontation.   We all have those moments when we are thrust into a confrontation […]

We are so excited that some students had some stories to tell today: Keira said that there was a kid that was picking on her 2 year old brother at  a play place and she noticed and went and stood between her brother and the bully. Keira started with us because her parents wanted her […]

There are many ways to accurately assess whether a person is clinically overweight or obese, one of the easiest being body composition testing. Testing can be very helpful in combatting obesity when performed properly and safeguards followed. Likewise, there are many ways to curb the incline of obesity rates nationwide, one of the overall best […]